These Hopeful Seasons EP

by Alex Stephen Winters

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released May 11, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Jeff Lawhead in Ventura, CA
All tracks written and performed by Alex Winters

Alex Winters-Vocals, Guitar, Bass (all tracks)
Jeff Lawhead-Synth (track 6)

All photography by Breezy Winters



all rights reserved


Alex Stephen Winters Bend, Oregon

Born and raised in Oklahoma, current Bend, OR resident Alex Winters has been making music for more than 15 years in bands, orchestras, and as a solo artist.

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Track Name: Floodwaters
Oh my love
Winter is gone
The grass grows green
And Spring has come
With it come the storms
But we've weathered wind and flood
When the rains come in
Love you're enough

When the flood waters come
We'll get to the boats
We'll both help row
We'll stay afloat
And when the sun finally shows
And breaks through the clouds
We'll float back home
And sleep in our bed, safe and sound

I feel
The seasons changing
The winds shift

In the spring thaw under snow we'll find what we lost
With the season's change all the damaged is replaced
Track Name: Into the Trees (Giants and Crows, Part I)
Step out of the car
Oh my God we've come so far
The camera's lens is laughably small
You'll never fit it all

Put your hands down
Start looking with your eyes
At the sun coming down
Through the trees
To where you are on your knees
The light makes a flare

Oh my God my eyes are open
Overwhelmed by what they see
Track Name: Giants and Crows (Part II)
Burnt out but
You're still looking up
Reaching for that space
You have found your place

Oh my God
The skies have opened
No darkness now
Light is woken

Morning wakes to darkness fleeing
The light is so bright, and strange to my eyes
As crows circle down through the clouds
Sing for me to rise

Oh my God
The skies have opened
No darkness now
Light is woken
The thunder roars
My will falters
Dreams have come
Night is over

Send the crows down
To pick the dead off the ground
It's time we were awake
Track Name: Fireflies and Bones
When I'm waking up and facing
All I am and all I was
Well, my heart won't be awakened
By those who aren't in love
And our memories and bruises
We should leave them where they are
They've got some good uses
But I'm ready to restart

When we go back to face it
Will we really return
To the homes that stand vacant
Or the ones that we've burned?
And when we rise from the ashes
Will our hearts become whole
And bring back old summers
Of fireflies and bones

All that we've lost
In memoriam up on the walls
Reminds us of all
We were and who we've become

And all that we want
We keep in the homes that we've wrought

And all that we love
In the homes we've built in our hearts
Track Name: Hope for Hope
Rest your head on my shoulder
Close your eyes get some sleep
My dear, I have a feeling this year
Hasn't shown us all it will be

When the hard times come
And we're in doubt
When the rains won't fall
And we're in drought
When the summer's here to scorch the ground

Wake up to another morning
The days come by fast
Put the kettle on, let's bring in the dawn
Though it feels like the last

And she smiles
"We'll be alright." "I know."
We've still got hope for hope

All of the birds still sing
All of the birds still sing
All of the bird sing and fly through the trees

All of the fields still flower
All of the fields still flower
All of the fields still flower and yield